The Pediatrics/Binocular Vision/Vision Therapy Service at the Illinois Eye Institute delivers comprehensive eye care for infants, children and individuals with binocular vision disorders.

The combination of experienced optometric specialists, advanced diagnostic procedures and a wide range of examination techniques allows IEI physicians to tailor every pediatric vision evaluation for children, even if they aren’t yet talking. We make sure each child, whether an infant or a teenager, feels comfortable with his or her doctor and any examination or treatment.
Pediatric testing considers children’s all-around development–after all, the sooner eye problems in children are identified, the less likely they are to hamper physical, emotional and social progress. A number of advanced diagnostic tests are used to pinpoint the exact nature of any eye problem.

Binocular Vision
Binocularity refers to the eyes’ ability to complete tasks while working as an efficient team. When problems are presented, such as strabismus or amblyopia, doctors conduct additional testing of the binocular system in both children and adults to determine the specific problem and recommend treatment.

Vision Therapy
More than just seeing objects clearly, vision involves collecting information through our eyes and processing the information so that it has meaning. Vision therapy offers a progressive program of procedures to help patients develop or improve fundamental visual skills and abilities, improve visual comfort, ease and efficiency, and/or change how a patient processes or interprets visual information.