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EyePrint PRO


Using this unique technology, the IEI can create custom, scleral contact lenses that cover a large portion of the eye. EyePrintPro is an option for managing keratoconus, irregular astigmatism, dry eye, trauma, injuries, and challenging diseases.

EyePrintPro™ is a relatively new scleral lens technology that creates a 3-D model of the precise curvatures of the entire ocular surface. Through 3D scanning and instrumentation systems, an exact match is achieved to each individual cornea and sclera. The EyePrintPRO™ is a prosthetic scleral shell, providing a solution for keratoconus, irregular astigmatism, ocular surface disease (dry eye), trauma, extreme cases of deformed eyes, chemical burns, or simply those who desire better vision and comfort.

For patients who have struggled to find optimal vision and comfort and for more challenging diseases, this unique device makes a customized impression of the eye. The impression of the eye truly gives a custom fit for each patient providing the best vision and comfort possible.

The faculty of the Cornea Center for Clinical Excellence at the Illinois Eye Institute are certified to fit EyePrintPro™.


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