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Urgent Eye Care Clinic

The Urgent Eye Care Clinic service area of the Illinois Eye Institute provides treatment for eye emergencies. Events that risk eyesight require prompt treatment to prevent vision loss. Eyewear repair is considered non-emergency and should be scheduled as a standard appointment.


Due to COVID-19 measures, please call ahead to book an urgent eye care appointment, including same day. At certain times, the wait at the clinic may be several hours, and an appointment cannot be guaranteed. If we are unable to provide care, we may encourage you to see your primary care physician, a different provider or be seen at a local emergency department.


If you have an eye emergency after business hours or on Sunday, call 312.225.6200. In accordance with new guidelines, phone calls may be billed to your insurance.

Urgent Care Services

• Red Eye

• Trauma

• Double Vision

• Eyelid Bump or Swelling

• Eye Pain or Eyelid Pain

• Loss of Vision

• New Flashes and

   Floaters in Your Vision

About Your Visit




1 - 3 hours 

The average length of time for your consultation.


your eyes

will be dilated

We recommend you bring someone to drive or accompany you home after your appointment.

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Attending Doctors

Erica Ittner, OD, Service Chief

Brittney Brady, OD

Raman Bhakhri, OD

Greta Gregg, OD

Eric Harris, OD

Kathryn Hohs, OD

Courtney Luce, OD

Jaymeni Patel, OD

Harneet Randhawa, OD

Ashley Speilburg, OD

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