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Our Doctors

At the Illinois Eye Institute, we’ve assembled a staff of dynamic doctors at the forefront of eye care and of their specialty areas. These professionals care deeply about their patients and make sure that every patient’s life is enhanced by the care they receive at the IEI.

Our staff is made up of more than 90 attending optometrists and consulting eye surgeons. Attending optometrists are faculty members at the Illinois College of Optometry.

Our surgeons come from both academic and private practice settings; they are faculty members at the University of Chicago’s Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science or on staff at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center/Chicago Eye Institute. As a result of working with staff who prioritize education, students and new professionals at the IEI develop into skilled and caring doctors.

Primary Eye Care

Anne Rozwat, OD, Service Chief

Kaori Asano, OD

John Baker, OD

Brittney Brady, OD

Aubrey D. Breithaupt, OD

Elyse Chaglasian, OD

Kara Crumbliss, OD

Mary Flynn-Roberts, OD

Katie Foreman, OD

Helen Gabriel, OD

Tanya Halikias, OD

Kathryn Hohs, OD

Erica Ittner, OD

Catherine Kerr-Niermann OD

Darren Koenig, OD

Karina Langle, OD

Michelle Man, OD

Tracy Matchinski, OD

Joseph McCray, OD

Heather McLeod, OD

Janice McMahon, OD

Stephanie Messner, OD

Erik Mothersbaugh, OD

Dominick Opitz, OD

Jaymeni Patel, OD

Andria Pihos, OD

Harneet Randhawa, OD

Daniel Roberts, OD

Mary Flynn Roberts, OD

Rahnuma Saiyed, OD

Navjit Sanghera, OD

Denise Skiadopoulos, OD

Ashley Speilburg, OD

Wendy Stone, OD

Shmaila Tahir, OD

Alex Tan, OD

Bruce Teitelbaum, OD

Janis Winters, OD

Elizabeth Wyles, OD

The Alfred and Sarah Rosenbloom Center on Vision and Aging

Danielle Piser, OD, Service Chief

Derek Dawson, MD

Laura Hayes, OT

Tracy Matchinski, OD

Janis Winters, OD

Patricia Salazar, OD

Mallory McLaughlin, OD

The Dr. Robert and Lean Lewenson Center for Pediatric and Binocular Vision

Darrell Schlange, OD

Denise Skiadopoulos MD

Shamalia Tahir, OD

Lisa Thompson, MD

Kelly Frantz, OD

Helen Gabriel, OD

Geoffrey Goodfellow, OD

Dennis Ireland, OD

Yi Pang, OD

Valerie Kattouf, OD, Service Chief

Megan Allen, OD

Christine Allison, OD

Alaina Bandstra, OD

Stephen Beckerman, OD

Aubrey D. Breithaupt, OD

Cornea Center for Clinical Excellence

Jennifer Harthan, OD, Service Chief

Pamela Boyce, OD

Chelsea Bradley, OD

Elyse Chaglasian, OD

Asim Farooq, MD

Osvaldo Lopez, MD

Michelle Man, OD

Louise Sclafani, OD

Lindsay Sicks, OD

​William Skoog, OD

Advanced Ophthalmic Care

Michael Chaglasian, OD

Seenu Hariprasad, MD

Shaun Ittiara, MD

Erica Ittner, OD

Andrew Lewicky, MD

Heather McLeod, OD

Janice McMahon, OD

Leonard Messner, OD

Dominick Opitz, OD

Hassan A. Shah, MD

Ashley Speilburg, OD

Urgent Eye Care

Erica Ittner, OD, Service Chief

Heather McLeod, OD

Jaymeni Patel, OD

Harneet Randhawa, OD

Rahnuma Saiyed, OD

Ashley Speilburg, OD

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